Gold..Diamond..Gems..Mineral Mining 

It is not just the value and the beauty of the glittering gold, precious polished diamond and gems, we should look at. It is how these most sought after commodities are mined and produced by the hard working unsung heroes [miners, support teams,
host communities] but also the ultimate foundation that will stand the test of time!!

Power of 3 'P"s


      AUMINAFRICA's long term goal is to become one of the market leaders in the supply and distribution of precious commodities "gold-diamond-gems" sectors. As such AUMINAFRICA is focused and committed to the implementation of sustainable alternative ways of gold processing, manufacturing, smelting, refining and production of the most sought after gold-diamond-gems commodities based on the principle of the Power of 3 "P"s:  PROFIT-PEOPLE-PLANET
   AUMINAFRICA is cooperating with the leading local and international stakeholders in the minerals production enterprises with regards to the engineering, design, construction, operation and financing. Management continues to focus on achieving PROFIT, while conducting business with utmost consideration and compassion for the PEOPLE and of the protection of our PLANET and Environment!
       AUMINAFRICA operates its business in accordance with the Earth Charter Initiative, following these vital principles:
Respect and care about our community of life, because we bring renewable and inexhaustible supply of energy to our society; ecological integrity, because our product is going to be produced ecologically safe, based on social and economic justice, because our production cycle creates additional labor places in our country and within the host community.
Community! Environment!

ORO- Operation Reach Out

     The young generation of today will guide us to our future!  They can only lead us to the right direction, if they free themselves from ignorance and learn the ideals of life. 
    ORO – Operation Reach Out was founded under the ideals and the responsibility of eradicating poverty, eradicating illiteracy, providing preventative health care and that "No one must be left behind” ideals, regardless of creed, race, color, origin, nationality, religious, belief and culture.       The adults of today have the great responsibility to create a subsidized and free education for children through the Scholarship ORO Program suited to the needs of the young generations particularly in the most underprivileged and impoverished nations, to numeorus deserving young  scholars and also to entail value formation for them and for their respective parents / guardians. 
    We have numerous talented young men & women, but devoid of opportunity to pursue their dreams. Why? Because the “doors were closed” to them to fulfill their hopes and dreams. And so, through ORO – Operation Reach Out Worldwide Scholarship Program was created, with AU MINERALS AFRICA as one of the Major Platinum Sponsors. The ideal principle:... “Let us open the windows of HOPE" for the young men and women, to the young generations wishing to reach the fulfillment of their impossible dreams!!
    The Scholarship Program of ORO – Operation Reach Out is unique because it does not only give financial education assistance in various regions of the world. Education is vital in our lives for Knowledge is Power, that’s why ORO opened the scholarship program also to many underprivileged adults / teachers as well, who are hoping to pursue their continuing studies to acquiring higher education. ORO scholarship program can also sponsor the "out-of-school-youth", programs also for parents and adults alike, to providing for the basic education or even for higher graduate studies to Masteral/Doctoral Degree for teachers and ambitious deserving adults, who already earned their undergraduate degrees.  As long as he/she has the ambition, the passion, the hope and the desire to pursue his/her aspirations to higher education has no limit; He/she can be an ORO SCHOLAR!! 
   The golden value formation will be conducted on a regular basis and will become the trade mark of ORO – Operation Reach Out, the Community Social Responsibility of AU MINERALS AFRICA. Education is purely 99% Inspiration and 1% Perspiration.​
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